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A Good First Impression Can Help Sell Your Home

Your Home's Exterior Creates the Prospective Buyer's First Impression 

(Use this checklist to make sure your home's exterior looks its best)

• Lawn is well cut and neatly trimmed around the walks and drive.

• Flower garden is weeded.

• Shrubs and tree’s are trimmed.

• All debris is disposed of and toys and lawn equipment are neatly stored.

• Fences and gates are repaired and repainted, if necessary.

• The roof, gutters and downspouts are in good repair.

• Cracked windows and torn screens are replaced.

• Screens, windows and window sills are washed.

• Doorknobs are polished.

• Doorbell and front lights are in good working order.

A Spotless Interior Will Reinforce Your Home's Good First Impression

(Use the following checklist to make sure it's ready to show)

•Walls are clean and free of smudges, & dents.
• Rugs and carpets are shampooed. Floors are waxed.
• Needed repairs are made.
• Leaky faucets are fixed.
• Steps are free of objects.
• Light fixtures are in good working order.
• Closets, shelves and drawers are organized.
• Clothing is hung neatly and shoes and other objects are neatly arranged.
• Bathrooms are sparkling clean
• Bedrooms are neat.
• The kitchen is clean and tidy.
• The basement, attic and garage are clean and well organized.
• In winter, a fire is lit.
• The kitchen sink is free of dishes.
• Magazines and children's toys are in order.

What You Can Do to Help Your Real Estate Agent Show Your Home

(Here are some last-minute details that will maximize your home's selling potential)

• The television and radio are turned off.
• Bad odors are eliminated.
• The house has adequate lighting.


Remember, your Real Estate brokers at JW Homes Team have the experience and training necessary to bring negotiations to a successful conclusion. If you've followed the guidelines provided, you'll know you've already done your part in helping your home sell by making sure it creates a good first impression.

A Good First Impression Can Help Sell Your Home.

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