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​Have you thought about SELLING your home?

Industry studies reveal that there are several costly mistakes that most homeowners make when selling their home. Because of the vast changes in the real estate market over the past decade, the traditional ways of selling homes have become increasingly less and less effective in today’s market. These mistakes can cost you literally thousands of dollars if you are not aware of them, but the good news is, each and every one of them is entirely preventable.


Call me to request a Free special report on your home or neighborhood which I have prepared, especially for you, to explain the issues and answer your questions and save you money.

  • Call for your free CMA today!     503-680-6903

  • Risk Free Offer!

  • Free Special Report on your Home & Neighborhood!

  • Easy Exit Guarantee!

  • You can cancel your listing, with me, if not completely satisfied with my service!

Which of These Costly Home Seller Mistakes Will You Make When You Sell Your Home?

If you are planning to make your move in the next 6 months or less, you’ll need to organize yourself quickly. However, even within this short time frame, there are many issues you can address to ensure your home presents itself in the best light. So if you plan to make your move within 6 months or less, please contact me immediately for a FREE Special Report on your Home and Neighborhood!


Even if you think it will be longer than 6 months before you make your move, there are a greater number of issues you can address. Within this longer time frame, the choices that face you are a little broader.

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